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Will Juggle

    You will be impressed by the multitude of objects he can juggle while bantering with the crowd. Clubs, balls, and rings, yes, but also traditional cigar boxes, shaker cups, Chinese yo-yo, tennis cans, hat and cane, and, of course, a raccoon that he deftly maneuvers through a ring of razor blades. He has opened for the President of the United States of America, charmed hordes of Harley riders, enchanted Taekwondo students, and entertained children at birthday parties (and more!). One time he even juggled in front of a YouTube video of kittens (ermagherd).

    His relentless devotion to his craft has left him with amazing skills and very few friends. You will laugh at his unique brand of humor, and become filled with awestruck wonderment at his fire juggling and his impressive, award-winning beard. Will invites his audiences to play along, making his shows interactive for people of all ages and audiences of any size.

    Whether it’s an outdoor festival, private party, corporate event, or juggling lessons, Will can tailor a personalized show to exceed your every need. And he’ll prove that bearded men can do things other than just look awesome and ride motorcycles (he can’t do either).



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