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Platters Revue

The All   Star


One of the most revolutionary eras of music was created in the 1950's, setting a standard that music groups and individual artists still follow today! Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group, The Platters, created hit after hit throughout the 1950's and 60's, including “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” “The Great Pretender,” “Only You,” and so many other golden classics!

Today, The All-Star Platters Revue continues that legacy, featuring three members that spent many years touring with "The Platters featuring the Legendary Monroe Powell." Not only do they perform all the classic Platters hit songs, but they will also feature many of your favorite songs by other artists from the 1950's & 60's! Verceal Whitaker, Al Holland, Kenn Johnson and Monroe Powell have many decades of combined experience touring the globe performing these hits to sold-out venues!

Bring The All*Star Platters

Revue to Your Venue!

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