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Scott Haggard


Born in December of 1968, the son of Legend Merle Haggard, Scott’s life and career are tightly woven into the fabric of country music history and lore. He is both a legacy and a legend with an unmistakable voice and a captivating style. Scott Haggard is one of the greatest voices in country music with a haunting resemblance to his father, the ultimate stylist, Merle Haggard. Both share that raw, forlorn quality that is essential to the interpretation of traditional country themes, conveying the deepest emotion of every lyric.

As Scott grew up, he learned several instruments including drums, saxophone, and along with his guitar, continued to develop his craft. Listening to his Dad’s music gave him inspiration to write his own songs. To date, Scott has headlined with the likes of Mark Wills, Jeff Bates, Charlie McCoy, and many other notables in country music.

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